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Our Mission:


We help today’s youth establish social, emotional, academic and spiritual balance in their lives. 


Our Mission

Rose 2 Hope, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, is an organization designed to help today’s youth establish social, emotional, academic and spiritual balance in their lives. Mentees will get to network with some of the most successful individuals in their respective fields and obtain opportunities that will enable them to move forward toward their dreams. The founder, Ms.Hillary, believes in empowering each of her “Kids” to reach for the highest star and in teaching them that they, not their circumstances, determine their future, and the effect they will have on the world.  Every mentee is a rose waiting to bloom, even if grown from the cracks of the concrete. 

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Our Impact

Since 2015, Rose 2 Hope has impacted over 300 youth through its programs such as Project Break Free and Mentoring, serving communities in the Northern New Jersey/New York City Area, Providence (RI), Denver (CO) and New Orleans (LA, through partnership with the North Rampart Community Center). We invite you to click the link below or explore our website to learn more about our impact, our mission and programs or simply how to give back and contribute to help our youth find their purpose and reach for the stars.



Thousand Dollars Raised

Since 2015, Rose 2 Hope, has raised over $20k in help fund programs such Project Break Free and Mentoring.



Years Serving communities

Our founder, Ms. Hillary Vargas, has been working with urban, inner-city communities since 2009.



Youth Impacted

Since 2015, Rose 2 Hope has worked with and impacted over 300 youth in different areas of the U.S.


Our Programs

Rose 2 Hope has developed programs designed to help its youth explore their field of interests, discover what they may be passionate about, and ultimately help them find their purpose. Tools are provided to help them succeed. Youth are empowered to aim for the highest star and pursue their dreams/purpose. Please find a brief description of the programs Rose 2 Hope has to offer or click on the link below.


Project Break Free

Project Break Free is an annual week-long youth summit held in New York City during the summer designed to bring together urban, at-risk youth from different areas together and empower them.


Academic success is critical to opening doors to opportunities and a brighter future. It is why Rose 2 Hope offers tutoring in the subjects of math, science and writing, made possible by current mentors and past successful mentees wanting to give back.


Rose 2 Hope aims to pair mentees, based on their field of interest, with mentors, of similar background, who are successful in their respective fields and help them obtain opportunities that will enable them to move forward toward their dreams.

Educational Resources

Rose 2 Hope believes every mentee should have access to higher education. Rose 2 Hope helps mentees find scholarship opportunities and provides support in application writing and review.


“I endeavor to change the world through my students and each person I encounter, one at a time.”

-Ms. Hillary Vargas



Get Involved


Whether it is you think you know of a student or school that may benefit from Rose 2 Hope’s programs, want to simply volunteer as a mentor/tutor/chaperone or would like to simply make a heartfelt donation, there are multiple ways to contribute and give back to our youth. Our youth are our future and any contribution goes a long way towards helping our youth break free from challenges and unto a bright, successful future.


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Volunteer opportunities

Interested in becoming a mentor, tutor or chaperone for Rose 2 Hope events throughout the year? Please click below.

Make a Donation

Would you like to make a heartfelt contribution to help us expand our programs and reach more youth?