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The Rose Initiative

The Rose Initiative is an annual week-long youth summit held in New York City during the summer designed to bring together urban, at-risk youth from different areas together and empower them. The objective is to help youth find their purpose, and to also arrange for them to visit organizations that they may aspire to attend or be a part of, and meet individuals of similar of backgrounds who have succeeded in their field of interests. The Rose Initiative gives the selected youth hope, and our hope is to enlighten them that their circumstances or background do not dictate their future, but rather their perseverance, discipline, hard work and uncompromising faith in their dreams will take them out of their current circumstance and into an empowering, fulfilling future. Likewise, in bringing together youth from different areas together, they can share their experiences with each other and freely discuss topics that affect them such as poverty, racism, discrimination, social injustice, inequality and importantly how to address and overcome. They can realize that there is much in common that can unite them and help establish a support network as peers. We invite you to view our gallery of past Rose Initiative Summits (2017 & 2018) and our Collaborators page who have helped make The Rose Initiative a great success and inspiration to youth who have participated. Please contact us if you would like more information on how youth or a school can be considered to participate in future The Rose Initiative Summits.


The Rose Initiative 2018
The Rose Initiative 2017


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Rose 2 Hope offers mentorship programs intended to take a more holistic approach to promoting the well-being of its mentees. The mentoring program is intended to help youth emotionally, socially, academically and spiritually. Additionally, mentees will get to network with some of the most successful individuals in their respective fields of interest and obtain opportunities that will enable them to move forward toward their dreams. Rose 2 Hope believes in empowering each of its mentees to reach for the highest star and in teaching them that they, not their circumstances, determine their future, and the effect they will have on the world. Mentorship is available for youth ranging in age from 13-17 and 18-25 years of age, aimed at helping those who may have learning disabilities, behavior challenges or who have come from rough or underprivileged backgrounds, all seeking to reach their full and highest potential. Please contact us if you have a student or school that may benefit from Rose 2 Hope’s Mentorship Program

Geographic Availability

Northern NJ/NYC Area
Denver, CO Metropolitan Area

New Orleans, LA (In Collaboration with the North Rampart Community Center)


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Academic success is critical to opening doors to opportunities and a brighter future. It is why Rose 2 Hope offers its mentees tutoring in the subjects of math, science and writing, made possible by current mentors and past successful mentees wanting to give back. Tutoring is available by one-on-one meetings or remote conference (video conference or email). If you are interested in having a student join Rose 2 Hope’s Mentorship program through which tutoring is made available, please contact us using the link on the right.

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Educational Resources

Rose 2 Hope believes every mentee should have access to higher education. Rose 2 Hope helps mentees find scholarship opportunities and provides support in application writing and review. We have helped mentees obtain thousands of dollars worth of scholarships through research of appropriate scholarship programs and support/review of application writing. If you are a student or parent interested in Rose 2 Hope’s Mentorship Program or would like more information on Educational Resources, please reach out to us using the link on the right.

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