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Our Mission

Rose 2 Hope, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, is an organization designed to help today’s youth establish social, emotional, academic and spiritual balance in their lives. Mentees will get to network with some of the most successful individuals in their respective fields and obtain opportunities that will enable them to move forward toward their dreams. The founder, Ms.Hillary, believes in empowering each of her “Kids” to reach for the highest star and in teaching them that they, not their circumstances, determine their future, and the effect they will have on the world.  Every mentee is a rose waiting to bloom. 

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" I am a firm believer that all it takes to inspire a child who comes from a tough background or broken home is someone to believe in them and provide positive reinforcement when it comes to their dreams. I have seen first the transformation of all mentees who have joined Rose 2 Hope. Urban inner city kids, who were deemed by their own teachers as hopeless or no good, with no hope of even graduating high school, never mind college, are now enrolled in college pursuing their dreams. All it takes is someone to enlighten them that their circumstances or background do not dictate their future, but rather their perseverance, discipline, hard work and uncompromising faith in their dreams will take them out of their current circumstance and into a fulfilling future. The world needs more organizations like Rose 2 Hope. I was fortunate enough to break the cycle when many told me growing up I wouldn’t amount to anything. I certainly wish I had someone like its founder, Ms.Hillary, growing up. But now I am blessed and proud to give back and work with Ms. Hillary to invest in our youth, invest in the future, invest in the future leaders of our community and America."

— Nery D. Hernandez, Mentor, Mechanical Engineer


Our Story

How it all began:
Back in 2009, when I graduated college, I had a vision.  After volunteering at a local organization, I realized that my purpose was to work with underprivileged, at-risk youth.  Not knowing how, I started on a path of fulfilling my dreams. I then took the journey of working at different schools.  To my surprise, there was a lack of mentoring and showing our youth that there is more in the world outside of their neighborhoods or environment.  I then came up with the idea of a mentorship program for life that would instill a sense of family that was lacking in many of my mentees’ lives.

That is where Rose 2 Hope was born.   We are not just any other program, we are a family that holds each other accountable, expects nothing but the best and a commitment to passing it forward for generations to come.   Our youth is our future.  They are our future leaders, doctors, politicians, engineers, musicians, entrepreneurs and artists.  Rose 2 Hope believes every mentee is a rose waiting to bloom, even if grown from the cracks of the concrete.  Ultimately, we are an organization designed to empower & bring hope to youth & young adults by helping them find their purpose through mentoring & acts of kindness.Through my youth, I was inspired as well for the idea of Project Break Free, an annual summer summit unifying at-risk youth from different areas where they are not only empowered but can share experiences and freely discuss topics that affect them such as poverty, racism, discrimination, social injustice, inequality and how to address and overcome.

If we don’t believe in them, where will our world be?  We must look beyond the exterior, beyond the media and society’s portrayal of “urban, underprivileged kids”. 

Having grown up in an urban setting and raised by my single mother who emigrated from Colombia, I utilize my experiences to connect with my mentees.  At first hand, I understand what it is to always be told what I couldn’t become or achieve versus being told that no dream is too big and that the sky’s the only limit.  I believe that with the right mentorship, the right tools and acts of kindness, there is nothing that my mentees cannot accomplish.

As Mahatma Gandhi once eloquently said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, I endeavor to change the world through my students and each person I encounter, one at a time.

Love Always,Ms. Hillary

Ms. Hillary Vargas, giving back to the community of New Orleans in Partnership with the North Rampart Community Center

Ms. Hillary Vargas, giving back to the community of New Orleans in Partnership with the North Rampart Community Center