Hearts & Hearts For Kids

Hearts & Hearts For Kids

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Hearts by Jenny Lynne

20% of proceeds are donated to Rose 2 Hope

Jenny Lynne is an inventor, connector, entrepreneur and now an author! She’s found her passion and is devoted to inspire others to follow their dreams. Being in nature is where she sets her imagination free. It’s enabled her to bring her dream into reality!

Her 2 books Hearts and Hearts for Kids captured naturally occurring or accidental hearts found around the world. Each heart image is accompanied by a caption that encompasses the author's wit, humor and sometimes seriousness by describing the emotions and perceptions that were evoked. At the same time, it brings a sense of surrounding love and positive energy that was not hers to keep private but rather to share knowing that this topic is one with which everyone could identify. Nature's incomparable beauty and sometimes not-so-subtle appearance is a reminder that love is ever present.

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